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Testing Gitlab Templates Merge Requests

Specifying a Merge Request via form variables

If a project wants to test using a branch/MR of this repository, go to your project's CI/CD settings page and add the variables below. All pipelines in the project will use the specified repository+branch until the variables are removed.

  • KEY = _GITLAB_TEMPLATES_REPO VALUE = issue/gitlab_templates-nnnnnnn
  • KEY = _GITLAB_TEMPLATES_REF VALUE = branch name, often the format is nnnnnnn-some-text

The variables should have the following attributes:

  • Type = Variable (default)
  • Environment Scope = All (default)
  • Protected = No
  • Masked = No
  • Expanded = Yes

This method of testing will only work if you have the unchanged default settings for project and ref in your .gitlab-ci.yml, as shown here:


Specifying a Merge Request in the .gitlab-ci.yml file

You can also test a Merge Request by changing these two lines in your .gitlab-ci.yml file:



  - project: issue/gitlab_templates-12345
    ref: 12345-branch-name

where project is set to the fork name (issue/gitlab_templates-12345) and ref is set to the branch name (12345-branch-name).

If the MR is testing assets provided by the fork (like modifications to .cspell.json, phpcs.xml.dist or symlink_project.php), you wil also need to set two additional variables _CURL_TEMPLATES_REPO and _CURL_TEMPLATES_REF to match the project and ref values:

  _CURL_TEMPLATES_REPO: issue/gitlab_templates-12345
  _CURL_TEMPLATES_REF: 12345-branch-name