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Contributing to GitLab Templates

If you want to contribute to the GitLab templates, use the main branch as reference, but work the issue queue, creating forks and merge requests so they can be tested and reviewed by others.


Branch name: main

When new features or bugs are committed, we might want to create new tags. We only have one branch (main), but we are following a semver approach to tagging releases, so the community can decide whether they want a fixed version, a recommended by the Drupal Association version, or the latest.

Release tagging strategy: X.Y.Z

We follow a linear development, but with tags so people can pin things:

  • If only new bugs were merged from the last tag, we increase the Z. ie: 1.0.1, 1.0.2... 1.0.11
  • If new features were added, we increase the Y. ie: from 1.0.11 to 1.1.0
  • Once a new "minor" tag is created (ie: 1.1.0), we don't port anything to 1.0.11
  • Breaking changes or a big refactoring increase X

For additional information on how contrib maintainers might use the above tags see the templates version page.

Maintainers only - semver tags and default tag

There is a script to help with setting up the tags located at scripts/ Using this script will ensure that the desired tag is set and that also the moving tags for minor and major updates are updated too.

There is a special tag called default-ref that is the value set in $_GITLAB_TEMPLATES_REF. That tag can be set using the scripts/set-default-tag script. It will point to the recommended tag for the contrib space, so make sure that is a stable one.