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Drupal 7

To run gitlab pipelines in a Drupal 7 project, create a .gitlab-ci.yml file from the standard template as explained here. Then change one line from this:

      - '/includes/include.drupalci.main.yml'

to this:

      - '/includes/include.drupalci.main-d7.yml'

Drupal 7 core version

By default, the latest stable Drupal 7 core version is used, but you can change this by specifying a value for the _TARGET_D7_CORE variable:

  _TARGET_D7_CORE: 7.98


If your Drupal 7 module uses drupal/composer and has a composer.json file, you'll need to set the _D7_DRUPAL_COMPOSER_NEEDED variable to 1.


This will use Composer 1 instead of 2, but it should allow your module to work as expected and bring in the requirements using Composer.


If your module has dependencies and you are not managing them with a composer.json file, you can use the _D7_DRUPAL_TEST_DEPENDENCIES variable with a list of modules. For example:

  _D7_DRUPAL_TEST_DEPENDENCIES: "entity field_collection link"

These modules will be downloaded via drush pm:download. You can specify different variations in the list of modules:

  • Dev version of a module: entity -dev
  • Exact version of a module: entity-7.x-1.3

Some modules might not be hosted in If you need to provide more complex arguments when downloading a module or dependency, you can use the before_script section and then specify arguments like --source. You must set the --destination parameter so the module is saved in the right location.


    - vendor/bin/drush dl devel --source= --destination=$_WEB_ROOT/sites/all/modules/