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Drupal API Client

Welcome to the Drupal API Client documentation!

What is the Drupal API Client?

The Drupal API Client is a set of JavaScript packages that simplify the process of interacting with common Drupal APIs. Most commonly, developers will use our JSON:API client to interface with Drupal’s JSON:API endpoints, but we also publish a base API Client package that can be extended, a client for Decoupled Router, and may support other Drupal APIs in the future.

The Drupal API Client takes great care to be framework-agnostic and universal. It can be used:

  • with your JavaScript framework of choice, vanilla JavaScript, or even in Drupal itself.
  • with or without TypeScript.
  • on the server, or on the client.
  • with a bundler, or as a script import from a CDN.

Hello Umami!

Below is a simple example that uses @drupal-api-client/json-api-client to list the titles of all articles in Drupal’s Umami Demo Profile. What you see below is a live example sourcing data from a Drupal instance at build time.

Umami Articles

  • Give it a go and grow your own herbs
  • Dairy-free and delicious milk chocolate
  • The real deal for supermarket savvy shopping
  • The Umami guide to our favorite mushrooms
  • Baking mishaps - our troubleshooting tips
  • Skip the spirits with delicious mocktails
  • Give your oatmeal the ultimate makeover
  • Let's hear it for carrots
import { JsonApiClient } from "@drupal-api-client/json-api-client";
const client = new JsonApiClient(
const articles = await client.getCollection("node--article");
<h2>Umami Articles</h2>
{ => (
<li key={}>{article.attributes.title}</li>

Continue on to dig deeper in to what is possible with the client.

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